'Art is a reality dream that carries the viewer into an expanded world created jointly by the Artist and the Beholder' Rene Di Rosa

My formative experience of colour is of being bathed in the translucent colouring of the stained glass illuminating the rich, theatrical, ecclesiastical, architecture of my childhood. These experiences form the storehouse of my memory. I believe that all factors of my world, my experience, of life on both a personal and wider level are intrinsic to the creative process and in realizing my own vision.

My work is concerned with achieving a harmony and an art balance. I do not force a particular style or look. Instead I allow the work to develop in a visceral way. This process allows my work to be open to discovery.

A strong and integral part of my Art Practise is my drawing and my understanding of the principles of good draughtsmanship, observation, structure and discipline. They form the unseen frame on which I support my painting.

As in music my paintings express the inexplicable. They resonate with the reflective observer demanding an emotional response in the same way music would to the ear. If observed in a sensitive way the viewer will see my work as an expression and a stimulus to the imaginative life. No painting stops with itself. There is no completion as such. Each painting is a continuation of previous work and is taken up and renewed in successive works.

Paddy Lennon